Shutters or PVC shutters are becoming more popular by demand. There is no surprise given it’s stylish elegant features that contours to your window coverings and furnishings, making your home a sanctuary.Not only does it enhances your home to another level of sophistication and provides a good return on investment with that added value, the functionality of these shutters makes it stand out. The ease of movement between the blades makes it simple to clean. Now you can control your privacy and the amount of sunlight beaming throughout your house according to your liking, allowing for natural light to enter and retaining the heat, making it cosy during winter yet cool in the summer with a gentle breeze. From Timeless classic traditional style to a new modern neutral tones, the variety and colours of these shutters are endless. Shutters are made from many different materials, however the 3 main ones are Timber, PVC/Smartwood and aluminium shutters.

Features & Benefits

Bi-directional Closure
Rotate blades in either direction
Greater light control
Heat deflection
Easy cleaning
Easy to clean
Easiest to clean on the market due to our specifically designed rails
Durable and UV resistant paint
Environmentally friendly non allergen finish to protect your investment

Over 25 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of shutters.